Perfect gift for that special person of for yourself!   Set of 4 coasters is perfect for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or housewarming gift.  The beautiful warm brown and golden hues of the bamboo make the perfect addition to any home. Coasters are engraved by us after order is placed.  Set comes in holder, and each coaster has felt pads on the bottom to protect the furniture surface.


Laser engraved items are completed and shipped in 5-7 days.  Large order may take longer depending on the size of the order.  Custom orders make take longer due to design time.

Bamboo is better for the environment; it’s an incredibly durable material and is a renewable resource which grows quickly and doesn't require pesticides, clear cutting, artificial irrigation or replanting.


Have a special design or idea you would like to discuss?   Contact Us! We appreciate custom orders!

Coasters Set of 4: Kanji Peace Love Luck Health